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An ongoing series of entries that pertain to wellness, beauty, and life in general

If your skin is dry!

July 25, 2017

So, a few days ago, I had 3 clients come in for a facial treatment, and found that all three had something in common.. These three women all thought they had a dry skin type, when in reality only one out of the three actually had dry skin! So, what did these three women have in common? Aside from the obvious (belief of having a dry skin type); they were all DEHYDRATED! You can't imagine how often it happens! Someone will call for a treatment to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, when in fact, they need some serious hydration. 

Lets get back to Dry skin:

Dry skin is Alipidic, simply put, it doesn't produce enough oil. The follicles (pores) are usually small and the sebum (oil secretion) is minimal. 

So, if you can barely see the follicles or they are itty-bitty, this is an indicator of a dry skin type. WHY? Well because the size of your follicle is as large or as small as the action its packing! So, small follicle -very low oil production. Larger follicle -oil producing party all day long, baby! The follicle is "stretched out" from all the oil pumping, make sense?

The natural oil secretions in our follicles protect us from damage caused by the environment, and aging, so dry skin needs extra care because it lacks this normal protection. The acid mantle and barrier function are not as healthy in a dry skin type due to the lack of lipids. 


Ok, that was a bit cheesy (and my Austin Powers impressions are super lame), but give me a break, its my first entry! Anyway, skin texture with a true dry skin type will be rough and tight. Dry skin can crack, peel, or become itchy, irritated, or inflamed. If it’s very dry, it can become rough and scaly, especially on the backs of your hands, arms, and legs. Wrinkles and fine lines are more prominent with this skin type.


Nothing. There is absolutely nothing you can do. Just give u- TOTALLY kidding!!!! Having dry skin just means that you need to help it out by stimulating oil production and protecting its surface. Use occlusive products, they are thick and lay on top of the skin for extra protection.

A few things to avoid, long hot showers/baths, over exfoliation, heavy soaps or scrubs, detergents, long periods of sun exposure without SPF, & smoking.


Your dry skin type regimen isn't much different than other skin types' regimen. What really differs is the products and ingredients.

Many people believe that if you have a dry skin type, you shouldn't cleanse as often, UM, no, you can make existing skin conditions worse by not cleansing! Are you supposed to walk around with a dirty face because your skin is dry??? Heres a better option..


Cleanse: Oil cleanser, a lotion cleanser, or a creamy cleanser.

Tone: Using a "mist or freshener" made with rose, chamomile, or a cucumber hydrosol base.

Serum: Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, Vitamins A, C, & E, serums that contain concentrated antioxidants, Seaweed Extracts, green tea extract, and serums that will target existing skin conditions like dehydration and hyper pigmentation! The ingredient combination possibilities are thousands for these! 

Facial Oil: I LOVE FACIAL OILS! There are so many wonderful facial oils out there. The best facial oils are formulated with more than just one or two ingredients. Some great facial oils for dry skin (in my opinion) are made with sea buckthorn, evening primrose, sunflower seed oil, chia see oil, mango seed butter & jojoba. 

SPF: One of the most important products to add to your skincare. SPF protect you from sun damage, (hyper pigmentation, trans-epidermal water loss, sun burns, and it can reduce your risk of skin cancer).




Serum/Eye Cream

Facial Oil


Exfoliate: Using enzymes (which only dissolve the dead skin on the surface) or with a AHA, 2X week! You can also use a fine micro-scrub made with rice bran, corn starch, or rhassaul clay.

Mask: 2X a week, a hydrating masque! Look for ingredients like honey, aloe vera, sea weed, algae & oats! 


Routine visits to your favorite Esthetician at least 2X a month are a must. 

Remember, there are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to products and ingredients for dry skin. All skin is different, even if you share the same skin type, there is no cookie cutter option for anyone. Find what works best for you. Do your research and love your unique skin! 

Next week I will post part 2 of this entry where I will review my favorite products and ingredients for dry skin! 




Allow me to introduce myself; I AM ACNE (Laughs Maniacally).

September 25, 2017

We've all been there. Head to head (literally), with the horrific zit on your forehead, the rim of your lip, the cheek, or my personal favorite; dead center of the chin! "CURSE THE PIMPLE!!!!" Time to bring out the tea tree oil, the toothpaste, or every ones favorite; the two *dirty* index fingers!! Apply sparingly (or pinch) while your grandmothers voice rings in your ears saying, "you shouldn't have had all that chocolate, dear".

But, was it really all the junk food that invited your new little white-headed friend to third-wheel it on your hot date tonight? Maybe not...

Over the course of a week I will go over everything I know about Acne. Who is Acne? Why does Acne seem to "like" me so much? Where does Acne come from? How can I get my little friend to peacefully cease to exist?

Today, lets get acquainted. Who is Acne?

Acne, AKA acne vulgaris, is a skin concern that is more common than you think! Yep, you read correct, you're not alone. Nearly everyone has suffered from at least one breakout in their lifetime. Its not called "common acne" for no reason :)) It is said to be the most common skin problem in the world! Acne is not just pimple/s. Acne is whiteheads, blackheads (clogged pores where the the oil hardens and turns brown when it is exposed to air), small red, tender bumps known as papules, pustules aka pimples, which are papules with pus at their tips, then there are large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin called nodules. Lastly, cystic lesions identified by painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin (cystic acne).

So, how does a Acne form? Simply put, hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. The dead skin cells combined with sebum (oil produced by your skin), make for the perfect situation for bacteria to form and thrive. Once the follicle is filled with all the awesome bacteria, inflammation occurs, (TADA!!!!), we have Acne!

So, now that we have an idea of "who" Acne is, we can get a little personal...

Come back for post #2 "Life and Acne" where I talk about all the possible factors, triggers, and myths about Acne!



A Second Date With Acne

September 27, 2017

So here we are; Date numero 2.. If you’re reading this post, Im going to do what I do best, and [assume] that you’ve read the first post on Acne, and there is no need for a recap. If you haven’t, go find it, read it, and then come back here :) .

So, now that we know who Acne is, and how that precious little white pearl forms, lets talk about triggers and factors…

I hear it all the time, “Ugh I had soooo much junk food, and now Im breaking out”, or “Look at this gross zit on my chin, Im probably going to get my period soon”. 

Sound familiar?

So, how true are these statements? Does your diet affect your skin? Of course it does, BUT does it trigger your Acne? Does your menstrual cycle make you, your appetite, your weight AND your skin crazy all at the same time?

What about guys? They don’t have a period, so whats the deal there? What triggers their Acne?


Lets start here: 


For as common as Acne is said to be, little is known about the condition. (OOOOOH SO MYSTERIOUS)!

This means we have our work cut out for us!

Ok, so what DO we know?

1. Acne is sebum (oil produced by the skin) and dead skin, clogged in the follicle (pore), bacteria forms, pimple happens.

2. Whiteheads, blackheads, a few pimples, many pimples -all considered Acne

3. Acne is hederitary

4. Hormones and Acne are BFFS!

5. Lifestyle triggers Acne

6. Friction can cause breakouts

7. Skincare products can cause breakouts and make existing breakouts worse

7. Acne can happen on ALL skin types

8. Stress is technically not a factor, but it technically is

9. Skincare Regimen Matters

Thats a lot to take in, so tell you what; Im going to break the list down into a couple of entries, and go into detail. I will also add things to the list, if I come up with more!

THE PLOT THICKENS!!!! (Yes, I love drama).




September 29, 2017

Hey there, you’re back!

Lets dive right in. If you’re a little lost/confused right now, chances are you haven’t read the two previous posts. If you haven’t just scroll down and you’ll find them here.

On the last post I came up with a short list of things and today im covering a few things on the list.

1. Acne is sebum (oil produced by the skin) and dead skin, clogged in the follicle (pore), bacteria forms, pimple happens.

Ok, so if Acne is sebum and dead skin cells having demon bacteria babies who wreck havoc on your face. This factor is becoming redundant, but its the the most important one, and in the end [hopefully], you will see how everything ties in together!


OK, Im back..

2. Whiteheads, blackheads, a few pimples, many pimples -all considered Acne

This factor is important because we need to know that we are dealing with acne if we have larger pores that are filled with hardened sebum, dead skin, and dirt, throughout the face or even if its just certain areas.

3.Acne is hereditary

Yes, you can go yell at your parent/s for this one :)

If your parents suffered from acne, you are more than like to inherit this precious gift. This is an important factor to consider if you suffer from acne and are trying to figure out what is causing it.


4. Hormones and Acne are BFFS!

GUYS, this is a big one. Hormones are the cause of so many issues within us, and Acne is for sure on the Mean Girl squad with Hormones.

They homies fo' lyfe. They have matching anklets. Went to cheer camp together. They played “Light as a feather, stiff as aboard” in high school, made blood pacts, and things got weird, but they got through it, and now they just fuck with peoples skin because they can!!!!

LOL. OK. Heres what REALLY happens:

Why do you breakout during your period? HORMONES. Appetite increases and yes, we eat a lot of crap, and yes, that triggers Breakouts, but we will get to that later.

For now; How do Hormones affect Acne?

Well, the main cause is increased oil production! Remember? Acne needs a follicle, OIL, and dead skin!

But, what about in men? How do Hormones trigger breakouts in men?

Well little fun fact:

Its actually TESTOSTERONE, the “manly hormone” that helps Acne make its delightful appearance!

Here’s what Dr. Jonith Breadon has to say,

“Both women and men make testosterone, which is the hormone that contributes to developing acne. In part, what determines if a person gets acne is how much their oil glands respond to the influence of testosterone, which can cause an increase in the size of oil glands and an increase in the production of oil, which both contribute to developing acne.”

In the first half of the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels rise, blocking testosterone’s effects on the oil glands. Which often means fewer pimples — at least for half the month.

The bad news? Right before your period starts, levels of estrogen and the other female hormone, progesterone, both decrease, which is why we experience breakouts!

“Look at these zits on my forehead, im probably going to get my period soon”.


More posts on Hormones in the future..

For now, I leave you to take in all this wonderful information.

Meet you back here for post #4




October 3, 2017

Hey there, welcome back!

So on the last post I covered a few things on the “Triggers Acne” list.

So, without further a due, I give you part 2!

Hehe, that rhymed :))

5. Lifestyle triggers Acne

Im not judging or anything, but your lifestyle choices show on your skin. 

Doesn’t it make sense? Dairy-heavy diet, BOOM acne. No stress control (I'll cover more on that later), BAM! Big freakin pearls on the forehead! 

Sad? Smoking? Drugs? Gym Rat?

....So many things to consider. Its soooo important to be self aware, and informed, if you want to pin point the cause of your acne. 

You’re reading this post, so you’re on your way, babe!

Better Life Choices = Beautiful skin

6. Friction can cause breakouts

BOOTY ACNE!! lol I get these little guys (hate to admit, and TMI), but yes, I get these!!

Ever notice little pimples on your legs and random areas and can’t figure out why, so you self diagnose as eczema?! haha

Friction can cause acne. 

Its not just clothes, it could be from sitting too much, hats, helmets, your bra, backpack, CELLPHONES!!

Sweaty, constantly rubbed skin,with no air exposure, turns rash (actual acne).

Theres a name for it; “Acne Mechanica”.

7. Skincare products can cause breakouts and make existing breakouts worse.

This ones a good one. Again, if we are not self aware and informed, when we break out, we automatically reach for products labeled, “Acne-prone” “Blemish Relive”, “Oil Control”, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make if your skin type is not meant for these products. You can actually make matters worse.

I honestly believe that less is more, and prefer simple clean products.

Although my personal preference is Organic & Natural, I also use some products that are aren’t all Organic & Natural, I do draw a line though.

I always research the ingredients.

Just because something isn’t all "natural" or “Organic” doesn’t mean its the devil lol

Also, just because something says its “All Natural” or “Organic” doesn’t mean its been delivered to you from the Skin Heavens and the Skin Gods all bathe in in it!

BALANCE, my beautiful readers.. Its all about balance!

….and being informed!

Using the wrong oils/ingredients can getchu aaall fucked up too!

Also, you may be an oily skin type that is suffering from serious dehydration, and you may mistake that dehydration for “dry” skin. Next thing you know, you go out and buy a nice thick moisturizer and, BAM!!


7. Acne can happen on ALL skin types

“Acne Mechanica” is an example of how any skin type can experience Acne.

Although not common, every skin type can experience breakouts for different reasons.

Again, (say it with me, now), being self aware is important.

Are you using a new skincare product? Did you recently have a facial? Has your diet changed recently? Is stress getting the best of you? Life change, aka, menopause?

All these are possible factors!

Ok, so were down to the end of the list which will be Part 3!

Then, we can finally move on to my favorite part: "CARE AND PREVENTION" !!!!!!!




October 16, 2017

So, we are down to the last two factors on my list of 10…

9. Stress is technically not a factor, but it technically is


The reason I say “stress is technically not a factor, but it technically is”, is because there really isn’t any scientific evidence that links stress to Acne.


How can it NOT be a factor in Acne???


….DISRUPTS DIET (cravings high in sugars, carbs, diary)


IDK about you, but I can definitely see how stress and Acne can totally be related.

10. Skincare Regimen Matters

Yes, your skincare regimen plays a very important role here.

No, I don’t believe that you need 100 different products in your regimen to have beautiful, clear skin, but I do believe that you need the basics (combined with balance in all other areas, of course).

If Acne is dead skin cells and sebum in the follicle, then it makes sense that cleansing daily and exfoliation regularly is very important, riiiiiight?

How often do you cleanse?

Do you exfoliate?


So we’ve gone through all the different factors on my list...







If you answered yes, then I will meet you back here soon!



10 Practical WAys To Self-Love

December 8, 2017

I hear it all the time....

"Facials are too expensive"

"Skincare is too complicated"

"I don't have time, I'm too busy"

I get it. I GET IT!

I know life can get crazy and everyday tasks can take a toll, especially for people like single parents, business owners, and those who are always on the go (sorry if I missed anyone, but you get the idea).

Truth is, skincare is  really a necessity. Not only do you deserve it, but its imperative that you actively love yourself. 

We get SO hung up on how we look; forgetting that the real importance lies in how we FEEL! 

I'm not going to get into why you should love yourself in this post, because honestly, I can write an entire book of reasons why its important to take care of yourself in entirety!

"I don't have time"

 Ah, my personal favorite! I use this one all the time. This is an easy way to avoid taking responsibility for the fact that were not doing what we know should be a priority.

Truth is, there is ALWAYS time.

"Facials are expensive"

All the useless crap you buy to fill empty voids is expensive. A daily cup of joe is expensive. Makeup is expensive. Stress and low self-esteem are expensive. 

"Skincare is complicated"

Nope. I'm sorry, but we are living in the age of INFORMATION!

So many resources; I'm one of them!

This post is a great way to kill all three excuses!

Here we go...

1. Multitask

Hydrating masques & antioxidant masques are two masques that you should leave on as long as possible, according to directions, (of course if the directions indicate otherwise, you should always follow that), but for the most part, an organic antioxidant masque or a simple diy aloe vera or hydrating honey masque can and should be left on longer (25-30 minutes)

SO, here's when you should mask if you're a busy bee.. 

When the Kardashians are on!!!!!

Not a fan?? Well, delete and insert whatever Netflix original you're currently binging on lately.

Laundry day, washing the dishes, & every other chore that you can think of.

Reading to your kids.. Reading to your cat.. Reading to BAE (is that still rellevant? "BAE")..

Anyway, you get the point!!! 


I'm actually masking while I type this entry :))

2. Budget

"Facials are too expensive" or "Skincare is too expensive"

We live in a society full of guilty pleasures; first world problems. I know that I need my cup of tea every morning (coffee on the occasion), and there was a period of time when I was buying a cup or tea or coffee everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. 

Do the math! The amount of money we spend on eating out, snacking here and there and those daily Starbuck rituals, is bizarre, and not to mention, not healthy.

Make your tea or coffee at home. Cut back on these little things that are not necessary and use that extra money to really "treat yo self" with a monthly facial, a body treatment, and wonderful self-care products for home!

Seriously, why do we feel like we NEED go get our hair done, buy them heels, slap on the foundation, but not let ourselves be loved, be pampered, and be spolied, and HEAL?? 

SELF LOVE is not a needless luxury, its a wonderful necessity!!!!!!!!!

3. Girls night IN

Plan a fun girls night with the bestie/s spa style! Champagne, snacks, laughs, and great skin! Seriously, doesn't that sound amazing??

Skincare potluck, homemade masques (that are safe) or book an Esty!

Get freakin creative, I know you all love Pinterest.

4. The three R's

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Be sustainable, practice wellness, AND treat your skin by reusing your tea bags!!

Tea can be wonderful for the soul, your health, and your skin!

You can use tea bags as eye treatments to reduce puffiness, and (depending on the herbs), you can dip a gauze or an organic cotton ball into your leftover tea and dampen your freshly cleansed face, use a toner or face tonic!

5. Aloe You Vera

Aloe Vera is wonderful for your skin. Keep a plant in your garden and make a quick masque, or serum. 

6. Quality Time 

Wether its with your kids, your mother, or your boo, turn your date into self-love for everyone by staying in for a spa day OR scheduling a couples, mommy & me, or bonding time with a loved one at your fav self-love sanctuary! 

7. You snooze, you loose!

"I don't have time is not an acceptable excuse.

 Basic skincare doesn't require THAT much time. 

Be honest; your skin is either not a priority, OR you've been bit by the lazy bug!

Set your alarm 10min before you need to wake up, and love your skin then!

Do the same at night: get ready for bed a bit earlier than you have to and give your skin some LOVE! Just a few minutes for happy skin? I'LL TAKE IT!

8. Hydration

Hydrated skin looks beautiful, no matter what. Dehydrated skin looks yucky no matter what!

One of the easiest ways to give the money maker and amazing, supple, youthful and glowing appearance, is to hydrate!!!

This is one is so simple! JUST DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!


Your skin will thank you, and hey, so will the rest of your body!

9. Keep it clean!

Your phone is one of your biggest silent enemies. Think of all the things your phone comes in contact with. (Go ahead, I'll wait)..

Here, I'll help...

Your beautiful little toddler, the bathroom, countless Starbucks counters, restaurant tables, um whats in your purse/bag/backpack (cause I'm sure its thrown in there from time to time), that dirty bar you hung out at last week?

Your phone is the easiest way to introduce your beautiful cheek to bacteria, besides your hands.

Take a wipe and clean that bad boy up.. 

Wash your hands, pillow cases, sheets, make-up brushes!!!!!!!!

10. Realization

Honestly guys, self-love is not just some corny post on ig.. 

The way you treat yourself is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. 

You matter, and your skin matters; its your case, your identity. It warns you when you're sick, it helps you heal when you're sick!

 Your skin is magic; It protects you from literally everything.

Love and respect yourself, your body, your soul. 

Self-care is not a luxury, its necessary.




Self-Love Sunday 

January 21, 2018

Take some time to really connect with yourself today. We’re pushed to try and “forget” about our problems, the world, the emotions, the pain.. But in effort to “stay positive”, sometimes we forget or miss the picture all together. 

Think about your goals and the little steps that must be taken to get there, instead of keeping your focus on being “positive”. Be realistic, sit and cry if you want/need to, instead of holding the tears and thinking about the “time” when it will all be “better”..

Let yourself feel, breath, & know that nothing is forever. 

Be present. Wash your body, soak in the tub, take a nap, take care of yourself. Positivity is great, but it must be combined with strength, awareness, & unconditional self-love! 




January 22, 2018

Ah, the moon.. 

Idc who you are, at one point or another you were drawn to its beauty, its light, its mystery..

If you're like me, you've held a life-long romance with the moon..

If you're like me, then you know that the moons energy is Divine, powerful, and fiercely beautiful.

If you're like me, then you know what Lunas energy holds for you.

If you're like me, then perhaps you're looking to begin this life-long romance with her.. 

If you're like me, you're reading this because you wish to know what the Full Moons Energy can bring you..

Many believe that when Luna is full, her energy is so intense it can spark consciousness. We are connected to her, and the entire universe.

When the Moon is full, it is said, you should set your intentions, speak your desires, and use her energy to recharge.

Luna will embrace you in with her energy and lift you to your Highest Self.

Luna Llena (Full Moon) is symbolic of feminine, beauty, fertility, passion, awareness, eternity, enlightenment, and it's light will expose it all to you!

The full moon increases your energies..

"January 31st Full Moon in LEO,a fire sign (and is ruled by the Sun) and when the Moon is in LEO we are guided to connect deeply into our Hearts and unearth our passions. What creatively inspires you and brings you the greatest emotional fulfillment ?

As this LEO Moon reflects the Sun in Aquarius, we are drawn to see how our gifts, our passions, our inner-light of creativity and self-expression can make a difference in the lives of others. How can the uniqueness that is YOU make a difference in the world ?"

What better time to submerge in beauty, self-love and heal?

Happy Luna Llena,